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CPC Blue :
  Stage 1 :
Charge Di Chloro toluene in M.S. Jacketed Glass line reactor.
Then add urea, Phthalic Anhydride, Cuprous Chloride and Ammonium Molybladte to it.
Raise the temp up to 180 deg C.
During Decomposition of urea ammonia gas as well as carbon dioxide gas is produced.We are controlling it by providing two-stage water scrubber and then after acid scrubber. From the water scrubber we can obtain ammonium carbamate as a by-product.
After maintaining sufficient time dump the batch in M.S. venulator for vacuum  distillation of solvent.
That will recover 95 % of the solvent. And transfer the remaining crude in MSRLTL vessel containing water.
  Stage 2 :
Take above heated crude material into dumping vessel with spent sulphuric acid  (mother liquor from Alpha Blue) and add water.
Then start heating up to 95 deg C and maintain for 3 hrs..
Then filter in filter press, wash it , Neutralize it , dry & pulverize it and packed the  final product as a CPC blue.
After filtration process whatever mother liquor will be generated that contains 6-8 % of sulphuric acid , we will treate it into our adequate ETP to become neutral. Then after we will discharge it into CETP , vatva.
Alpha Blue :
  Stage 1 (Acid process) :
Take sulphuric acid (98 %) in a reaction vessel. Then slowly charge Copper  Phthalocyanine crude.
Maintaining temperature just below 85 deg C . So as to dissolve it to completely.
The mass is stirred further for 2-3 hrs. at 60 deg C and then cooled to room temp. by external circulation of water in jacket.
Recycled water is then introduced as a thin spray into the vessel slowly, taking care  to maintain the temp. below 60 deg C.
The CPC separate out in the required form and is filtered off.
After filtration process whatever mother liquor generated that contains approximate 20 % of sulphuric acid. We are using that liquor (H2SO4) into the manufacture of CPC blue.
  Stage 2 (Pigmentation Process) :
The CPC cake is charged in another vessel and washed with water and stirred with fresh water.
The aqueous slurry is neutralized to pH 8 to 8.5 using ammonia solution and  caustic lye and stirred with emulsifier at 60 - 90 deg C for 2 Hrs.
The above slurry is filtered and the cake is washed with large amount of fresh water.
The wet cake is dried and pulverized to obtain CPC Alpha Blue.
The aqueous filtrate goes to ETP. Then after it is discharge it into CETP. Vatva.
Beta Blue :
  Stage 1 (Milling) :
Charge CPC (98 % ) in ball mill of capacity 10,000 liter. Mill the contents for 24 Hrs. After grinding discharge the milled blue for stage 2. (Pigmentation)
  Stage 2 (Pigmentation) :
Charge above milled blue into MS vessel, contains caustic water , Surfactants and  solvent. Reflux whole mass under stirring for 2 Hrs.
Then recover the solvent. Filter the pigmented mass through filter press, wash with water till neutral pH. Dry the pressed cake in spin flash dryer at the rate of  150 Kg/Hr.

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